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Commercial real estate is an old mans business

When I started in commercial Real Estate, I was only 20.  I wore collared shirts and cardigan sweaters all the time.  I styled my hair conservatively, and aligned my fashion with the goal of looking older.

According to a recent study, the average age of commercial real estate agents is 56.  I am now 30 years of age (this figure will be amended mid December to 31 years of age).

I have nothing against older people.  In fact, many of my clients are older and I think that they are far superior to me in many ways.  The problem with “older agents" in the commercial real estate industry is the inability -- or more so, unwillingness -- to adapt to today’s technology and ways of doing business.  In the internet age, where the web, search engines, cameras, computer software, etc, all change every month, my clients are expecting that I'm on top of this stuff.  

I’ve seen it all across Alberta, and all across Canada.

Problems with being old

    * They still think “good ol' boy clubs” are cool; they are sadly mistaken. You know the ones where they get together and conspire to keep all the information under lock and key.  They are reluctant to put this information on the web.
    * They believe real estate should be bankers' hours: Monday-Friday and 9-5. How does this help the consumer who drives into town on a short notice and is thinking about relocating and only has the weekend to look for properties?
    * From my dealings, the average phone call is returned withing 4-6 days and that’s being generous.
    * They still send faxes and courier large documents.

When I was in university, I worked for one of these large commercial real estate firms.  The guys who really did well have my complete and utter respect.  I think that they are true businessmen, and they deserve the high commissions they command.

But when I was just out of university, eager to conquer the world, I would ask why commercial real estate isn't organized like residential real estate is, they would scoff and say, "Why should it be…? We aren't selling doll houses, we're selling custom solutions."  They would say "MLS is a tool for taxi drivers and housewives," apparently using a derogatory slang to refer to residential agents. My response was essentially that our clients want the convenience of browsing the same database that we do.  

The reason I think it has taken the commercial real estate firms so long to put their properties on the web is that it wasn't a convenience for them… it was only a convenience for their competitors and their clients.  Now that customers are starting to look online, and buy commercial real estate from the MLS agents, the big commercial real estate houses are starting to take notice.  And I think they might be a bit worried.  They don’t know how to use resources to market property.

In 2010, 98% of our customers researched property on the internet before they called us.  If I was a building owner and my broker didn't have my property well displayed on the web, this would be worrisome. Many commercial properties are not listed in MLS resources for other agents to find, therefore the property goes unnoticed.

Of course these are just my observations from every day dealings up until now.

Services at BobSheddycom


At, our principal service consists of representing commercial tenants and investors in Alberta. Our services provide our clients with a vast network of available properties through the local commercial multiple listing services (MLS).


Because of our capabilities to network with other brokers and building owners, we will find and complete the transaction much more efficiently than our clients could if they tried to find their space without the assistance of a tenant representation advisor.


Clients who work directly with our Commercial Real Estate Advisors will be provided the following:

• Extensive experience representing office, retail, medical, industrial and investment tenants and buyers on straight-forward or complex lease and lease renewal transactions.

• Fiduciary responsibility given solely to our clients. We listen carefully to understand our clients' needs, and work through a proven program to provide creative, flexible and cost-effective solutions.
• In almost all cases, our representation fees are paid by the landlord or seller.

• Flexibility. Our clients range from new business startups to existing local firms with a single location to Fortune 500 companies with multiple sites.

We offer a wide range of Real Estate services. While traditional agencies have a range of services for owners, many are in direct conflict with the corporate tenant's or buyer's interests. Serving distinctly different interests fractures a broker's focus and limits their ability to consider the larger picture from a tenant's or buyer's perspective. Ladin Ventures' Advisors represent buyers and tenants -- all day, every day -- so they can provide highly specialized and comprehensive service.

Just a few of examples of the many services provided are:
• Office, Industrial and Retail Facilities Lease Management
• Regional, National, International Headquarters
• Lease Creation and Amendment
• Sales Offices
• Review of Tenant's Financial Reports for Landlords
• Research & Development
• Review of Property Tax, Insurance & Other Operating Expenses
• Strategic Planning

• Acquisition / Consolidation Analysis
• Warehouse / Distribution

• Facilities Policies & Procedures Manuals
• Manufacturing Location Analysis
• New Market Real Estate Market Analysis

• Business Acquisitions

• Review of Transportation Costs vs. location
• Disposition of Excess Space
• Lease Renewals
• Employee Quality of Life Assessment
• Buy vs. Lease Analysis
• Source Build-to-Suit Solutions
• Source Equity Participation
• Construction Contractor/Subcontractor Selection

We also provide Exclusive Value-Added Services also provides our clients with exclusive value added services to help those who don't have already established relationships with the necessary products or services to get their business up and running. We have strong relationships with local Alberta contractors as well as in-house maintenance contractors who can assist us.


We have an 8-office business centre to help our customers as their space is being constructed. We also have direct access to copy/print management, office furniture, office supplies, business signage, accounting services, computer equipment, IT consulting, mortgage banking and financing relationships, Alberta insurance brokers, graphic designers, stationary systems and printing needs, and more. Our long-term relationships with our "preferred vendors" ensure our clients have the right team to jump start their business.

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