Winter Wonderland Woes |
Winter Wonderland Woes



It's that time of season! Lights are on the house, a chill is in the air and snow is on the ground! Wasn't it such a beautiful picture back when you were young and too small to carry a shovel? All that snow, blowing around in the wind, settling on the front yard of your property like a white blanket promising hot chocolate and cheesy Christmas movies?


Perhaps that ideal has changed now that you're a homeowner. Perhaps now the beautiful, majestic snow means twenty minutes (if you're lucky) of back-breaking, toe numbing, teeth-chattering shoveling, of which your only solace is repeating the manta 'spring will come, spring will come, spring will come' like the little winter train who thinks he can.


You're probably wondering, "If it's illegal for me to not clear my driveway and sidewalk, then why doesn't the city do it for me?" That's a great idea! Let me know what Nenshi thinks when you propose that the next time you two chat. In case he says, "You're a lunatic, how did you get my cell phone number?"... We've got you covered.


Here are some easy snow removal tips:


1). It may be obvious for most of you, but we all know that person who NEVER shovels their yard and then complains when it becomes a giant brick of snowy, icy, horror. Don't want to be that guy? Shovel your walk as soon as snow begins piling up! Even if it's still snowing—rest assured, your hard work will not go to waste. Better to slowly shovel it away when it's nice and fluffy than when it's a giant block of ice.


2). Sometimes despite your best efforts, snow and ice piles up! Take a tip from the professionals, and sprinkle salt on your sidewalk and driveway! The salt helps melt the snow faster and more effectively! Bonus: it serves the duel purpose of helping provide grip when you're walking, too!


3). Go to your local Canadian Tire and buy a De-Icer! It sounds like a made up word, but it is actually a chemical that helps break the bond between ice and pavement so that snow and ice is easier to remove! Ahead of the game? Buy an Anti-Icer that prevents this bond from happening, period. *Note: Make sure you follow directions on the bottles carefully, because the last thing you want is for your hate for a snowy walkway to harm the environment.


4). Break down and buy a snow blower. Do you live in Canada? Yes? Then it's worth it. Trust us on this. It's not only effective, but can be fun to use, too. Bonus: Have your neighbors recently been less than neighborly? Blow all the snow onto their drive way. That'll teach them.